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Jdbc Project
Written by Aaron Penner

This is project done in Java to demonstrate accessing an Oracle database.

The motivation for the Java applet was to show some basic query operations that could be done of an airline arrival and departure system. This type of Java applet was created with the focus of representing what might be found an Airline Web site. In the past I have called a "1-800" number to find out the arrival and departure schedule of flights which is handled by and automatic telephone system, but why not use your web site to display the same information.

Description of the query process.
  1. Select the location about which you are concerned.
  2. Select whether you want information about flights that "Arrive" or "Depart" from that location.
  3. Select which Airlines you want the information for.
  4. Press the "Run Query" button to get the results.
  5. Repeat steps (1-4) to run other queries.

Java Code
The Following is the code to the Java Applet.
Database Information
The Following are the scripts to create and populate the database information in an Oracle database